The Riddler robot weighs 72 kg with stow dimensions of 1030 mm x 460 mm x 445 mm (LxWxH). Riddler can be put into the boot of a car for quick or discrete transportation. Ability, size and price make Riddler a cost effective solution for smaller security and bomb disposal units.


Riddler’s primary use is security and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD). Additional functionality can be extended to the Riddler such as X-ray, CBRN sensors and a Riddler training simulator.


Riddler is operated via the Command Console or the Wireless Hand-Controller.  The Command Console operating range is up to 1 km non-line-of-sight and 1 km + line-of-sight.  The Wireless Hand-Controller is ideal for loading, unloading and close-by control (up to 10 m range).



Climbing Ability

Riddler has two heavy duty tracks and an actuator driven variable angle front ramp which allow it to travel over the most difficult of terrains. Riddler can climb difficult slopes and stairs up to 45°

Training Simulator

A plugin unit can be connected to the Command Console which turns the Command Console into a training environment with simulated onscreen scenarios responding to Command Console control. Thus Riddler can remain mission ready while the Command Console is used for training.

Strength & Speed

Riddler arm can lift 8 kg while fully extended and 19 kg with the arm retracted. Riddler can carry a payload of 50 kg and reach a max speed of 6 km/h.

Length:1030 mm
Width:460 mm
Height (stowed position):445 mm
Weight:72 kg
Arm Degrees of Freedom5
Reach:1100 mm horizontal
1820 mm vertical
600 mm below ground level
Lift Capacity (arm extended):8 kg
Lift Capacity (arm retracted)19 kg
Climbing Ability:45° incline
Speed6 km/h
Firing CircuitsFailsafe firing circuits
Operating Range:1 km built up area
1 km+ line of sight

Full technical specifications are available upon request