Design & Development

In addition to Reamdas primary focus in robotic design and development Reamda also provides custom Research and Design services to their clients when new needs and requirements arise. To date Reamdas custom R&D projects for clients have included a digitally upgraded HOBO, a COFDM solution and new command console for an oversea’s ROV company,  multiple Naval gunnery training simulators, Doking COFDM solutions and some specialist equipment for the rail industry.


Working with Reamda

While Reamda design and develop a lot of their own products, we also offer the opportunity for customers to bring forth ideas which Reamda will then convey from concept to commercialisation, all the while co-ordinating with the customer and ensuring their requirements are met

Aims & Objectives

Our aim is to provide quality, user-friendly products to our customers. Reamda’s expertise lies in collaborative research and development leading to hardware and software design and manufacture of commercial products.