MV-4 Digital Upgrade

Doking Mini-flail MV-4 Digital Upgrade

The Irish Armys Corps of Engineers was established on the 1st October 1924 to provide engineer support to the Irish Defence Forces both in Ireland and on overseas operations. One of the many roles of the Engineers Corp includes the reduction of enemy obstacles which include demining and clearing terrain obstacles – See more at: Engineers Corps

In 2013 the Engineers Corp and Reamda discussed options to digitally upgrading two of the corps MV-4 mine sweepers to include a new advance operators command console which extended operating range of the MV-4. An extended operating range means that an operator could now operate an MV-4 with full situation visibility from much further away.  Such an upgrade included a complete electronics refit to extend the overall life of the MV-4 in addition to extending its operating range.


MV-4 Digital Upgrade

The Digital upgrade of the Doking MV-4 consists of a complete electronics refit for the MV-4 which extends its operating capability and operating life of the machine. The operating engineer can now operate the MV-4 from a distance of up to 2 km+ line-of-sight thanks to video feedback, sensor feedback and long range communication between the MV-4 and the new command console.  Such long range operation increases the safety of operating engineer by allowing him or her to operate the MV-4 from further away distances.


Electronics refit

The electronics refit includes new cabling looms, three cameras, front, rear and PTZ camera with spotlight, increased operating range, a rugged touch screen command console with intuitive user controls and video feedback of the MV-4 and a lightweight rugged hand controller. Communications is via COFDM which extends the operating range to 2km+ with line-of-sight.





Command Console

The Command Console is packed full of new useful features such as realtime video from three camera feeds, picture in picture camera feed, spotlights, an LCD touchscreen which works in direct sunglight and while wearing gloves, speakers which receive audio from the MV-4, engine gauge feedback, engine warnings,  MV-4 pitch and roll feedback, flail tool feedback,  gear & RPM feedback and a drive enable/disable safety feature.
The Mv-4 engine is turned on and off via the command console. There is an emergency stop button on the console. Steering is easily controlled by a joystick and the hydraulic arm is easily toggled into optimum position for operation via the command console.  A physical (and removable) safety key renders operation of the flail tool on or off.  The command console is very intuitive and easy to use.