Mechanical ability

R-Evolve is an advanced, reliable and robust EOD robot with applications extending to CBRN. Its manipulator arm has 6 degrees of freedom with variable speed control of its electronic actuators. Its lift capacity is 75 kg arm retracted and 30 kg arm fully extended.

Operating Range

The R-Evolve using the latest COFDM technology and Military Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum has an operating range up to 1 km in built up areas and 1 km + with line-of-sight. The R-Evolve may also be cable controlled up to 150 m in Electronic Counter Measure conditions.

Fail-safe Firing Circuits

The R-Evolve has four independent fail-safe firing circuits. The firing system firing sequence is initiated with a removable safety key. A five second countdown take place before firing during which a warning beacon flashes and a siren sounds.

Extended Functionality

Additional functionality can be extended to the R-Evolve such as X-ray, Remote Disruptor Platform (RDP) for under-car and low clearance operations, CBRN sensors and a R-Evolve training simulator.

Command Console

The Command Console is packed full of useful features such as camera environment settings for improved light levels, an LCD touchscreen which works in direct sunlight and while wearing gloves, speakers which receive audio from the R-Evolve and a key activated weapons screen with self test and diagnostic feedback.

Training Simulator

A plugin unit can be connected to the command console which turns the command console into a training environment with simulated onscreen scenarios responding to command console control.


Length (stowed position):1550 mm
Width:720 mm
Height (stowed position):1000 mm
Weight:270 kg
Arm MovementElectric
Arm Degrees of Freedom6
Reach:1400 mm horizontal
2400 mm vertical
Lift Capacity:75 kg arm retracted
30 kgsarm extended
Gripper rotate:360° continuous in both directions
Turret rotate:± 220 °: 440 ° total
Climbing Ability35° incline on stairs
35° incline on slope
Actuator powered adjustable rear axle for improved climbing
(lowering of up to 45deg )
Speed:8 km/h
Firing Circuits:Four failsafe firing circuits
Operating Range:1 km built up area
1 km+ line of sight

Full technical specifications are available upon request

Download R-Evolve brochure

  • Can Bus architecture [10 nodes]
  • Third party sensor integration through CAN bus
  • Quick 3 second system start
  • Electric actuator arm with 6 degrees of freedom
  • Variable speed control of arm
  • 4 nitrogen purged cameras & 2 auxiliary camera ports
  • Synchronised cameras for flicker-less switching
  • Fail-safe weapons module with full diagnostic feedback
  • 4 independent fail-safe firing channels at 24 V with full diagnostic feedback
  • Configurable with a choice of multi-vendor disruptors
  • Ruggedised smart charger unit
  • Variable speed Pan/Tilt unit
  • Nitrogen purged radio enclosures
  • Transparent data bus for third party sensors
  • Integration with real-time X-ray
  • Up to 4 hours of operation mission dependent
  • Custom configurations available
  • 12 months warranty
  • Cable Control; drum cable allows R-Evolve to be driven up to 150m EMC operation
  • Cable Control; drum cable allows R-Evolve to be driven up to 150 m EMC operation
  • Integrated CBRN sensors
  • Remote Disruptor Platform (RDP) for under-car observation & disruption
  • Real-time X-ray System [robot deployable]
  • Reverse audio between Command Console and R-Evolve
  • R-Evlolve training simulator [Plug in unit for Command Console that simulates Robot in various scenarios]