Exceptional Arm Reach

The design of the Reacher’s arm with 6 degrees of freedom, a sliding turret and low profile arm enables the arm to be manipulated into many positions including over obstacle, below ground and under vehicle. The Reachers low profile wrist has embedded LED spotlights and an embedded gripper camera.

Rotating & Sliding Turret

The forward and reverse sliding motion of the ±220° rotating turret further increases the reach and manoeuvrability of the robotic arm. Stability while reaching is ensured by central bogie locking mechanism.

Carries Under-car Robot

The Reacher carries the Remote Disruptor Platform (RDP) within its chassis to an incident and can deploy it when observation or disruptor capabilities are needed in low clearance situations.  The Reacher can use the RDP to get a 3rd person perspective view on itself. The RDP can also be used to position X-Ray sources such as the XRS-200/300, leaving Reacher free to position the X-Ray panel.

Steep Climber

With its six independently driven wheels, advanced suspension system and inertial stabilization system the Reacher is a steady climber tackling inclines of up to 38° terrain dependent.

Steerable Back Wheels

The Reacher is the 1st ROV to have both skid steer and also Ackerman steering via the rear axle. This allows Reacher save battery power and tyre wear when making long trips to incidents. It also allows Reacher to get out of trouble if it sinks in very soft ground.

Powered Tool Bay Drawer

While out on a mission without an RDP the robotic arm can interchange its tools with those available in the powered cargo bay drawer at the front of the robot.  The powered tool bay drawer is customisable to store either primarily the RDP or secondarily tools and disruptor weapons

Length (stowed position):1520 mm
Width:720 mm
Height (stowed position):1130 mm
Weight:445 kg
Arm movement:Electric
Arm Degrees of Freedom:6
Reach:2050 mm Ground level pickup
2500 mm Horizontal
3050 mm Vertical
Gripper rotation:360° continious in both directions
Turret rotation:±220°
Lift Capacity:225 kg (arm retracted)
50 kg (arm extended)
Climbing Ability:38°
Speed:7 km/h
Drive system:1200 Nm Traction drive system (hub motors)
Turning capabilities:Zero point
Firing circuits:Four failsafe firing circuits
Operating Range:1 km built up area
1 km+ line of sight

Full technical specifications are available upon request

Download Reacher brochure

  • Low profile arm and gripper increases access to difficult to reach places such as car foot-wells
  • Arm lift capabilities 225 kg
  • Sliding turret for extended arm reach
  • Precise & delicate manoeuvring
  • Configurable tool-bay drawer which can be customised by the end user to contain either disruptor(s) of choice or the Remote Disruptor Platform.
  • Max speed 8 km/h
  • 1200 Nm Traction Drive System (Hub motors)
  • Skid steer & steerable back wheels
  • Low battery consumption on long distance missions due to conventional steering system
  • Ability to transverse rough terrains including road, sand and rocky landscapes
  • Zero point turning capabilities
  • Remote Disruptor platform (RDP) for undercar or low clearance operations
  • 150m Cable drum for ECM operations
  • Accessory cameras for custom views
  • 3rd party plug & play CBRN sensors
  • Reacher training simulator plugin for command console
  • Optimised X-ray system for military narrow band radio systems