Remote Disruptor Platform

Under Vehicle Capabilities

The Remote Disruptor Platform (RDP) enables the operator to have under vehicle observation, remote disruptor arming and detonation capabilities.


The disruptor position is remotely adjustable and has a camera for accurate positioning. The disruptor mounts are replaceable allowing quick change and mounting of disruptors or de-armers.


Control of the RDP is through the Command Console which relays RDP control through the larger robot to the RDP. The RDP is compatible with Reacher, R-Evolve and the Digital HOBO upgrade.

Height:125 mm
Length:432 mm
Width:306 mm
Weight:16 kg
Disruptor aiming range8° lowered to 52° raised

Full technical specifications are available upon request

Download Remote Disruptor Platform Brochure

  • Dedicated RDP drive joystick on the Command Console
  • Easily maneuverable with relayed COFDM radio control
  • Disruptor camera for accurate disruptor aiming
  • Remotely adjustable disruptor position
  • Remote arming and firing
  • Replaceable disruptor mounts, allowing quick change and mounting of disruptors or de-armers
  • Can be transported remotely by a larger robot